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"Just for Tonight", a Harry Potter one-shot.

Excellent one-shot, for your canon needs.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Name: Just for Tonight
Author: Alcarcalime (excellent fics there)

Ginny sighed at the recollection and hugged her knees against her chest. She propped her chin on them and let her hair fall beside her face like a thick, silk curtain. She kept on staring at the flames that, in Ginny’s eyes, they seemed to dance at the fireplace. No matter how dull they seemed to appear, Ginny felt like they were beckoning her, calling her. But the flames, like Harry, were unreachable that even though they were there in front of her, she still couldn’t touch them because she’d only hurt herself if she did.

But it was hurting her more as she kept pretending. She knew he was feeling the same; his actions that day confirmed so. Though she knew this was against everything they had agreed on, that it might hurt them even more in the end, she realized that she didn’t care.

She knew what she needed to do.
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