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Get your hopes up!

Have you ever despaired about the lousy education of teenagers nowadays that don't allow them to write properly even the simplest words? Have you lost your faith in the youth, thanks to so much awful fanfiction crowding the publishing spaces for fans? Read this writer's fics and be merry. Here lies the counter for every English homework-slacker Suethor out there (OMGshe's fourteen!).

Title: The SILENCE and the STORM (one shot)
Author: Dim Aldebaran
Fandom: Artemis Fowl


He was silent.

It wasn’t just the silence of the shy, where one would open up word by word like the unfurling petals on a rose, where everyone would look at his marvelous inner light and feel glad that he had blossomed so beautifully, since beauty was so
pure in spirit.

He was silent.

It wasn’t a literal quiet, not all the time. He had a little clique of fellow nerds that crowded round him like fangirls, and he would talk to them and they would take in every word without even noticing how he did not ever look at them. He had opinions he would voice with that crackling wit of his in Philosophy; he had a fondness for Nietzsche during Complex Analysis, read page by page as the hour stretched on by.

But he was still silent.
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