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Good fanfiction lives!

Good Fanfiction Quotes
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Find a quote that made you giggle, made you tear up, made you think? Post it here, so the rest of the fandom can appreciate it.

If, on the other hand, you've got a funny, weird, or plain sick quote, it should be posted at bad_smutfic or badfic_quotes.

With your quote, post the author's name, and a link to the fic, so that others may appreciate the fic in its entirety. The fandom the fic hails from (such as 'Harry Potter', 'Doctor Who', 'Lord of the Rings' etc) should be in the title of your entry.

DO NOT QUOTE WHOLE CHAPTERS. I'm serious. This violates LJ's TOS, and can get us banned.

Type like a literate person. Posts containing appalling grammar/spellings, l33t-speak, txt-talk etc. will be deleted without warning.

Quotes from any fandom are welcomed. Hell, post a quote from original fiction if you want.

Play nice, children. Flamewars will get you kicked out.

The nature of this comm means it's unlikely to attract trolls, but if we do, don't feed them.

Put NC-17 quotes behind a cut, please. If the fic is NC-17 but the quote itself is not, put a warning with the link to the fic.

No wildly off-topic posts. Advertisements are permitted solely for fic-related comms; icons of quotes are allowed- but more than three icons should be put behind an LJ-Cut.