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Multifandom goodness

Ah, quotes! One can always do with more quotes! Thought I'd share a few of my favourite quotes. And, all of the fics are highly recommended.

Harry Potter

"Marriage is the promise of eternal love," he said, frowning slightly. "How can I promise eternally that which I have never felt momentarily?"
Second Chances 1, kishijoten

I write my full name down on the paper. I quietly hiss, "Jumblio" and watch the magic change ‘Tom Marvolo Riddle’ into… ‘Lord Leotard Mom IV’? Really? What the hell happened to the first three mothers of Lord Leotard? You know what? I don’t think I want to know. 
Birth of a Name, nonjon

"But he doesn't know. He thinks you're still Sirius. Even though I know you're not."
While this obviously made perfect sense to Sirius and Harry, Snape was quite plainly confused.
"Harry, do you care to explain that last statement?"
Harry stared at his professor innocently. Snape wondered, again, how Harry could be so naïve and trusting after all he had been through. "You see, professor, Sirius really isn't Sirius. Well, he is Sirius, but he isn't."
Snape thought, how can Sirius not be Sirius but still be Sirius?
Three O'Clock in the Morning 4, Speaking Softly, Doneril

His next question was curt, and I preened inwardly. Even supposedly rendered helpless with Veritaserum, I'd managed to irritate Slytherin. "What is your name?" 
"Harry Bigglestaff Evans," I said solemnly. 
Slytherin raised an eyebrow, and it was all I could do not to let out a betraying gasp of laughter. "What are your intentions for this school?" 
"Redecoration," I said flatly. 
"Redecoration?" Slytherin repeated incredulously. 
"To redo the decoration of a building or room." 
He must have begun to suspect something was amiss, because his next question was sharp and to the point. "What is your relation to the wizard Morass?" 
"He's my cousin's husband's former brother-in-law's maiden aunt's former lover's uncle's business parter, and we have tea during the week and exchange various desert recipes for weekend baking all-nighters."
Nullifier 4, The Founders, Aedalen

He scowled at me. "Why did me singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town make you think I had sex?"
I smirked. "I’m not sure. It’s not a very erotic song, is it?"
I'm Sure You'll Contract My Disease 7, A verry merry interlude, siriusblackatemybaby

"Really?" Harry asked curiously, "You’re a Malfoy?" Harry looked over the boy, noticing the heavily gelled blonde hair and pale blue eyes. "I’ve never met anyone from a different species before! My name’s Harry, do you have a name or do Malfoys not have names?"
So sue me 7, Go baby, go, go, Lunakatrina

Not even autumn yet, where had the sun gone? The wireless had promised it was going to be a pleasant day, but the sky overhead was steel, and leafy, dripping trees lined Whitehall avenue. He ducked his head and pulled the cloak a bit tighter. Well, this was what he got for listening to WWN relay the Muggle forecast.
On Moonlight’s Leash 1, The Dragon Spire, Rage Point

October came; the wind grew bitter and more fierce, and with it came the war. How pathetic it had been for Harry to think that the war had already begun, simply because of a few attacks here, a few disappearances there. That was not war.
War awoke them all in the dead of night, near the beginning of the month when the leaves were just beginning to turn. The attacks had begun only hours earlier
The Reader, Aja

Final Fantasy

"So are you fucking him, too?"
"There is no 'too'," Sephiroth snapped. He could feel his chest going tight with anger. "There is no 'fucking'. There is nothing, and the only one who has any problem accepting that is you, it seems. And if you speak like that to me again, you won't have the chance to give some other person a concussion, because I'll kick you out myself."
Fusion 11, Knowing Shadows

"Legion. Wonderful. Why don't we ever get hordes of enemies who call themselves by sweet, unassuming names, like the Reign of Inefficiency or Horde of Most Weak and Terrified?"
"Because, Reno, then they'd take all the good names and there'd be none left for you." 
Xehorista Tora 9, Asprosdracos

"Piece of shit I never loved you anyway you whore bastard son of a – come on baby, why do you do this to me?" 
What the fuck?, konitsu

King Arthur

Home is a wisp of clouds in the sky, a trail of dust on the horizon, it's there but it might as well not be for all the good that it does me.
Manning, Sasjah Miller


"You called me a DORK!" Saruman bellowed.
"Yes, I think very highly of you," Ragna said. "Before you turned evil, you were a great dork."
There was a long, ominous silence.
There was a long, ominous hiss.
The world exploded in white and urple.
"Oh dear," Miss Cam said. " I hope Morgoth and Sauron weren’t in the hallway…"
"You are trying to blind me with urple light through that wizard of yours!"
"Mine? I thought he had sided with YOU!"
"Now, now," Ragna broke in, still sounding cheerful. "Dark Lords, you are great dorks, so you will understand that we were only…"
"The lesson from this, students, it’s knowing for sure what a word means before you use it," Miss Cam said. "Now take cover…" 
The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth 37, The urple wizard and a few dorks, Camilla Sandman


"So what are we looking at?" Jack asked, leaning against the wall as Teal'c got the infernal device up and running. "Google for Goa'ulds?" 
Upon a fiery steed 2, Breakout, Vathara

Good, no?

//C. Fale

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