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Firefly, Batman, and M*A*S*H

Hey gang, newbie here. I mostly haunt, and you'd be surprised at how many tidbits of goodness you can find. 8)

Firefly/Stargate crossover:

“Kaylee!” Mal bit off in exasperation. “We ain’t done holdin’ these folks hostage yet! I ain’t in the habit of offerin’ tea and dumplings to people I’m holdin’ a weapon on.”

She grinned at him, completely unrepentant. “Don’t worry Cap’n, I’ll bring you a glass too. Aft’rall, ya only need one hand to point a gun at these nice folks.”

~Winding River by Mistress of the Knight


There are three things scarier than a competent administrative assistant.
The first is the threat of total nuclear annihilation through a slowly descending cloud of radio-active particles blown into the atmosphere when three major global powers get skippy with big red buttons. The second involves Batman, severe trauma inflicted on one of his closest friends, and about four hours in which he is allowed to Plan. And the third generally involves any female on the planet before sufficient caffeine is pumped into her system.

~Good Deeds, by A.j


He’s a beautiful mess tonight, a tangle of tired bones and angry questions swept up in a pain that is dark and sharp. His eyes are shining and his hair is tussled, and his fragility makes him so endearingly human that she wants to kiss his face and rock him like a child. Instead she places a hand on his back.
To her relief, he doesn’t break.
~Faceless, by Samantha Caldwell
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