Dahne (_dahne_) wrote in goodfic_quotes,

Shounen-ai to make the comm less dead

It was only three months ago that Gaara had stood up before the gathered villagers and announced that Lee had been his lover for some time now and that he didn't think this state of affairs would change, so Suna could now consider the two men married, get used to it, if you're unhappy about it feel free to drop by the Kazekage's office after hours to discuss it at length.

Gaara, more familiar with his own village, knew that his marriage with Lee had in fact done a lot to warm the villagers towards Gaara himself; it informed them that their aloof Kazekage was indeed human, with human needs and the ability to love. But what Lee was suggesting...was probably a bit too much information for them. Besides, Gaara felt sure it was illegal according to Sunagakure's statutes, and he didn't feel like presiding over his own trial for public lewdness.

-From Big Heart, Drunken Fist, by maldolor_gw
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