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Good fic quote: His Son's Father [Fandom: Artemis Fowl]

Fandom: Artemis Fowl
Title: His Son's father
Author: The White Lily
Genre(s): Action/Adventure
Rating: PG

Quote(from Chapter Seven, non-spoiling):

Reflecting on how desperate Arty must have been to risk submitting to slavery was hardly a productive train of thought. Each mental image of what he could have been going through was worse than the last – but dwelling on the factual image of those sleepless and shadowed blue eyes that had been hardly recognisable as my son’s was scarcely better. Nor was considering the bruises on his pale wrists, or the reasons he might have been pulling against his restraints in such a way as to produce them. Even worse was remembering the tense set of his jaw as his captor had so deliberately and insultingly patted him on the head. Perhaps the worst of all was the bone-deep fear that, even if Arty made it out of this alive and physically unharmed, he would be unable to avoid lasting psychological scars.
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