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The Rapunzel Complex

Excellent work of fiction for your enjoyment. It is an Harry Potter/Artemis Fowl crossover, seen from Hermione's point of view. Read and judge yourselves.

Title:The Rapunzel Complex
Author: Dim Aldebaran and Saeriel.


O, what a seductive thing this was! She would have hours to look into it, if she so chose—a simple spell on the door, and the Order would know she was working on something and was Not To Be Disturbed. To even pour through select memories of Voldemort—ones that he chose to manipulate the viewer with—would be well worth whatever reprimand would be given to her, even if she was somehow found out.

When entering memories into a Pensieve, one could not lie or edit the truth—and one couldn’t always control what went in.

Even Voldemort made mistakes.

One thing was certain. Once Dumbledore looked in, no one else would be able to, mind-trap spells or no. It was now, or never.

Hermione was not a stupid girl, nor an impulsive one. In fact, one of Snape’s rare praises was that her cool-headedness and logical approach to problems was what made her such a good code-breaker.

That, however, had been followed by a scathing remark that had left her baffled—that true geniuses did not sit and study textbooks all day, just like true wolves never paused to sharpen their teeth before the hunt.
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